Jack Brimhall started his working years at an early age as a meat cutter. In 1973, and with no experience in the foodservice industry, he made the bold decision to purchase the Red Flame Restaurant. However, his experience as a butcher proved to be invaluable as he was able to provide the highest quality meats at a very resonable price. He quickly became known as the Prime Rib King, and the Red Flame Restaurant was destined to be a huge success.

As Jack Brimhall owned and operated the Red Flame Restaurant, he became known for far more than providing quality steaks and prime rib. Every Friday and Saturday evening Jack hired local live bands to come and perform in the restaurant. The dance floor was always packed with couples enjoying the live entertainment.

In 1982 Jack built a brand new building for his restaurant to better accomodate his ever-expanding clientelle. At the time it was built, the new Red Flame Restaurant building was the largest restaurant in square footage in the entire state. Jack was initmately involved in the entire construction process of his new dream building, from the early planning stages until the building's final completion. The new restaurant had a larger dance floor with a stage for the performing live bands, and a variety of banquet rooms to serve company parties and wedding events.

With the addition of banquets rooms, one of Jack's favorite activities was hosting Relief Society members from local wards and stakes to give them his "meat demonstration". These meat demonstrations consisted of Jack sharing his meat cutting skills then showing how to season and cook meat. To this day, Red Flame Catering still sells the special seasonings Jack used in his demonstrations.

More and more companies and church groups began requesting Jack to bring his excellent food to their events in surrounding areas, and that is where Red Flame Catering gained its start. Through the years of operating both a successful restaurant and a growing catering business, Jack was able to have specialized pieces of equipment built to more efficiently cook food away from the restaurant. Eventually the catering operation grew into a thriving business with a fleet of vans and large, portable broilers so Jack could bring his delicious food to the customer.

During the summer months of 1998, as Jack was in his early eighties, he decided the physical and mental demands of operating a successful restaurant business was just too great. He made the difficult decision to close the restaurant business to concentrate solely on the blossoming catering business. He leased the building that housed his restaurant to a few companies that are very popular with the citizens of Davis county, and focused all of his attention on making the catering business a success

Red Flame Catering is now a full service catering company that prides itself in providing high quality and quantity of food for a reasonable price. It is still owned and operated by Jack's family members who helped him run the restaurant. The food is still prepared according to Jack's high quality standard. Red Flame Catering's food is still prepared by hand by members of our staff which helps to ensure all of our food is fresh and of the highest quality.

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